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Sally Hernandez

  • Responded to ZERO critical incidents!!!

  • NEVER patrolled a district!!

  • NEVER answered a call-for-service!! 

  • Little real Law Enforcement Experience!!!

  • Destroyed the morale of employees who serve our community​​

    • See "Slave Comparison" Video below (sent to all employees)​

  • Waited 5 days to send assistance after Hurricane Harvey

    • New York and California had rescue teams in Houston before TCSO ​

  • Appointed CRIMINALS to her Administration:

    • admitted FELON as her Major over the LE bureau

    •  admitted Perjuror as patrol Captain 

  • Destroyed the morale of many of her 1,800 employees with:

    • mismanagement

    • ineffective communication

SLAVE Comparison!!

Sally's APPOINTED Captain

Inmates vs. Employees Mental Health

Sally's APPOINTED Major

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