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Mental Health/Wellness



"As Sheriff, a primary responsibility is safeguarding and rehabilitating inmates. Being certified in "Group and Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support," I would prioritize the mental health care of ALL inmates with additional certified individual and group counselors.

Many inmates have mental health illnesses when they enter our jail; the additional trauma of being arrested, loss of family contact, possible loss of income, etc. only aggravates those illnesses/injuries. We owe it to them and to the community to do everything within our power to provide proper care/therapy for those who enter our jail, before being released back into the community."


"Dispatchers, Corrections Officers and Peace Officers SEE, HEAR, SMELL, and EXPERIENCE things on a REGULAR BASIS, that no one should have to experience...EVER!!!

Taking care of those who devote their lives to protecting and serving others is crucial to maintaining a healthy staff. Benefits include:

  • more positive citizen contacts

  • reduces likelihood of "excessive force" issues

  • reduces use of employee sick time

  • increased safety for citizens and employees


"The incumbent has created a culture at TCSO that discourages employees from asking for "help." During her 3rd month in office, Sally Hernandez terminated the 25-year career of a highly decorated, well-respected leader...solely due to a minor, treatable mh injury. He received the injury after the search and recovery of his assigned deputy, Dive Team teammate, and friend Sr. Deputy Jessica Hollis (EOW 9-18-14). I am proud to report that he has not only recovered from his injury (in spite of the additional trauma from the termination)...but he has emerged stronger and more appreciative of life. After starting a successful landscaping company, where he has enjoyed "seeing results," he is now running to be YOUR Travis County Sheriff.

Yes, I am that leader and overcoming the injury, persevering through mistreatment by the incumbent and her administration, has only served to make myself a more qualified leader to return TCSO back to the family-type agency it was prior to Hernandez' tenure."

John Loughran is currently a big proponent for addressing the mental health needs of first responders. He is the creator and administrator of FB page: "F the Stigma." John has testified in front of a Texas House of Representatives Committee for several legislative bills written to improve mental health care for first responders.

Body Cameras

Body cameras provide SAFETY and ACCOUNTABILITY for citizens and officers!!  

Body cameras have become standard equipment in Law Enforcement. TCSO still does not equip their officers with body cameras that keep the public and officers safe.

I would make it a priority to equip every patrol deputy with a body camera!!



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